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VISIT Universidade de Coimbra

Royal Palace

From 1855, part of its facilities served
as chambers of the royal family

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Royal Palace

The image of the University of Coimbra holds
a close relationship with that of the city uptown

In this heterogeneous architectural set stand the buildings of the Dictatorship period (Estado Novo), especially the Royal Palace dominated by the famous University Tower.

The General Studies (later designated University) were settled in the building known as the Old Studies, where the current General Library stands, and in several other places, particularly in buildings near the Monastery of Santa Cruz.

After the final settlement of the University in this city in 1537, the Royal Palace joined in 1544 all Faculties of the University of Coimbra. This set an end to a itinerant route, for almost three centuries, between Lisbon and Coimbra.

On the left side of the facade lies the Mannerist building, known as College of St. Peter. Its main facade faces the inner courtyard and the Baroque portal, from 1713.

From 1855 on part of this building hosted the royal family and served as residence to several Rectors.

At the entrance of the courtyard stands, on the right side, the Via Latina, a colonnaded balcony with a center staircase topped with a triangular pediment. This balcony suffered changes during the second half of the 18th century. At the center of the balcony lies a medallion with the portrait of King Joseph I.

The Via Latina provides access to the rectory and premises, an area that was reformulated during the Pombaline Reform of 1773, during the rectorship of Francisco de Lemos. The General Studies occupied the former premises of the Queen’s palace.

The building, which was remodeled in the late 17th century, holds Baroque reliefs, alluding the various university disciplines, carved on the top of the classroom doors, a work performed by Claude Laprade.

Built between 1718 and 1733, the ex-libris of the city of Coimbra rises in the corner of the courtyard. The University Tower holds the bells that have played a significant and regulating role in the university life, namely, the most famous of them all, the Goat (a Cabra), the bell that to this day continues to call the students to class.


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