Great Hall of Acts

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Great Hall of Acts

This hall is the most important space at the University of Coimbra. It was the old Throne Room, and was the residence of the kings of the first Portuguese dynasty between 1143 and 1383. Important events in the history of portugal took place here, such as the proclamation of King John I in 1385.After the University opened in the Palace of Schools, this space became the main hall of the University of Coimbra, where the most important ceremonies of the academic life took place.   The current design of this hall is the result of renovations carried out in the mid-17th century. The walls were lined with "carpet-like" tiles manufactured in Lisbon. The wooden ceiling was renovated with 172 panels that look like grotesque motifs (representing sea monsters, Indians, mermaids, plants).   The walls are lined with the portraits of all of the Portuguese kings - from King Afonso Henriques to King Manuel II - with the exception of the Phillipine dynasty (from 1580 to 1640).   The new monarch, King John IV, offered the Crown of Portugal to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in thanksgiving, proclaiming her the patroness of the Kingdom. This required the support of the lentes (lecturers) of Coimbra who, headed by the Rector, took a solemn oath to Our Lady in 1646, which was recorded on stone plaque in St. Michael's Chapel. Since then, Portuguese monarchs ceased to be depicted with a crown.