Academic Museum

Average Tour Duration: 1h30min

In 1951, opens the first museum dedicated to the University of Coimbra’s student culture. Today it is located in the College of Saint Jerome and integrates historical evidences of the academic life, the University and the city of Coimbra. Here you can see testimonial elements of the Coimbra Song (Fado) history and the Academic Association of Coimbra’s Sport Trophies. 



Visit subject to prior booking by email: or tel: 239 854 350.

Spaces Opening Hours

  From Monday to Friday

Académic Museum

Tours: 10:00 / 15:00

Fare Singular - Base

Adult [from 19 to 64 years old]: €2.00
General Ticket: €2.00

Included Spaces

College of S. Jerónimo

College of São Jerónimo The College of S. Jerónimo is a large school building, whose construction began in 1565, near the city wall and not far from the old castle. It is part of a group of twenty-three university colleges that form a network around the University and that, even today, gives the urban landscape of Coimbra one of its most unique features. In 1836, two years after the extinction of the religious orders of Portugal, the building was incorporated into the property of the University of Coimbra. It was adapted for the installation of a hospital that operated from 1852 to 1986.