Guided Tour to the Botanical Garden Greenhouse

Average Tour Duration: 1h

Visit to the tropical collections of the Botanical Garden of the University of Coimbra, from the tropical corner to the Greenhouse, revealing the stories of these spaces and some of their most emblematic species.

Minimum of 3 participating adults.

To schedule a Guided Tour, please contact:

Spaces Opening Hours

Every day, subject to the availability of a guide and weather permitting.

Fare Guided Tour

Adult: 10,00 €
: 5,00 €

Included Spaces

Great Greenhouse

Considered one of the oldest buildings of iron architecture in Portugal, The Great Greenhouse dates from the second half of the 19th century, presenting a perfect combination of iron and glass that gives this space an unusual beauty. The Great Greenhouse requalification project in 2017, won the National Urban Rehabilitation Award, in the category of Best Intervention with Social Impact. Its interior is home to a great diversity of species, including orchids, carnivorous plants, tropical trees and ferns, distributed in three sections - tropical, subtropical and temperate climates. The program allows a visit to west wing, where tropical plants predominate.