University with Joanina Library + Cientific Circuit

Average Tour Duration: 2h

This program includes the Palace of School (Baroque Library, St. Michael's Chapel, the Royal Palace), the Chemistry Laboratory, the Cabinet of Curiosities and the Academic Museum.

The Botanical Garden has free access (Greenhouses not included).


 Please notice:

Entrance to the Baroque Library building is through the Academic Prison, and is limited to 60 people every 20 minutes. 

The ticket is valid for two days;

The time and date, present on the ticket, correspond to the time and date of entry into the Baroque Library building. The other visiting spaces included in the program can be visited before or after this time of entrance.

Only one entry is allowed into each of the visiting spaces.

The St. Michael's Chapel is closed on Sundays, from 11:45 AM to 2:00 PM, for the Sunday mass.

The Curiosity Cabinet might close without previous warning due to external constraints.

The Botanical Garden is free access.





Spaces Opening Hours


Palace of Schools

9 am - 1 pm* | 2 pm - 6 pm*

Chemistry Lab and Curiosity Cabinet

9 am - 1 pm* | 2 pm - 6 pm*

*Last admission: 15 minutes before

Botanical Garden:

01 april - 15 september: 09 am - 08 pm

16 september - 31 march: 9 am - 5.30 pm