Specific Terms and Conditions of Usage

This document sets out the specific Terms and Conditions of usage of the area reserved for professional clients on the UCTour Platform


1. Purpose

1.1. This document defines the rules and conditions for the registration of Guides in the area reserved for professional clients of the UCTour platform, as well as the general conditions of access to the UC visiting spaces applicable to them.

1.2. For the purposes of this document, "Guides" are considered to be Tourism Information Professionals (TIP), qualified to carry out tourism animation activities, under the terms defined in Decree-Law no. 108/2009, of May 15th, as amended by Decree-Law no. 95/2013, of July 19th and Decree-Law no. 186/2015, of September 3rd.


2. Registration process for guides in the UCTour Platform

2.1. The registration process for guides provided in the document aims to ensure their accountability, as well as that of the professional clients who designate them, with regard to reservations, payments and other actions inherent to the reserved area of the UCTour platform, compliance with the procedures of the Coimbra University Tourism Department (NTUC) regarding reservations and visiting standards.

2.2. The guide requests the respective registration by filling out a specific form, available in the reserved area for professional clients of the UCTour platform, the effective registration being subject to validation by the NTUC

2.3. The validation of the registration referred to in the previous number depends on the fulfillment of any of the following requirements

2.3.1. presentation of proof of registration with European entities recognized by the European Federation of Guide Associations or national entities - AGIC/ SNATTI;

2.3.2. level IV regional guides, certified by Turismo de Portugal;

2.3.3. Presentation of a level V or higher qualification certificate from the National Qualifications Board in the area of tourism;

2.3.4. Proof of registration in the National Tourism Register (RNAAT);

2.3.5. proof of declaration of duties for a professional entity registered in the RNAAT, duly dated and signed by the registration holder.

2.3.6. Registration must be requested individually on the UCTour platform;

2.3.7. In a period of no less than 5 working days in relation to the first visit of the year to be made by the TIP in the UC's visiting spaces.


3. General conditions of admission to the NTUC's visiting spaces

3.1. The NTUC reserves the right to allow guides access to the UC visitable spaces;

3.2. Admission to the visiting spaces by the guides, in the performance of their duties, is subject to:

3.2.1. Prior registration on the UCTour platform;

3.2.2. Acceptance of the indications provided by the NTUC staff and the signposting of each location, namely the warnings, indications of danger and of conditioned access;

3.3. To adopt the necessary measures to ensure good circulation conditions in each place and avoid behaviors that disturb other users of the spaces;

3.4. To comply with the regulations established by the NTUC.


4. Training actions

4.1. The NTUC will provide optional training for guides

4.2. The training sessions shall take place annually, between the months of January and February.


5. Doubts and omissions

Doubts arising from the application of this document and cases of omission will be resolved by Rector's public communication, taking into account the nature and characteristics of the buildings and spaces and the principles that guide the Public Administration's actions.


6. Implementation

The present rules and conditions are implemented, after being approved, on the date they are published.


7. Appearances

This document is available for consultation at the Turismo UC ticket offices and on the UC website.