Discover the history of the University of Coimbra with the Premium Program

Take part in a guided visit, especially designed for you, and get to know the centuries-old history of this University, with access to private and exclusive areas

The Premium Program offers a guided visit tailored to your preferences for an unforgettable experience of immersion in the heritage of the University of Coimbra with its 7 centuries of history and collections.


Enjoy a unique experience

Our guide specialized in the University's History will accompany you on an immersive journey through time, and share his knowledge about the culture, history and heritage of the University of Coimbra.


Discover the unique Baroque Library

You can visit the Baroque Library, one of the most important libraries in Portugal and one of the most beautiful in the world, reserved exclusively for you. Enjoy a guided visit of its 18th century baroque architecture and collections.


Explore exclusive spaces not accessible to the public

Enjoy exclusive access to the University's private spaces that are not open to the public. Get closer to the University's culture and explore its beauty and rare collections.


Enjoy unforgettable experiences

The Premium Program is more than a guided visit, it is an immersive cultural experience. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the University of Coimbra and learn about its past, present and future!


Create memories

Make your trip to Coimbra unforgettable with a guided visit designed and adapted to your expectations. With the premium program, bring back memories that will last a lifetime.


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